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Financial Information

Our Neosho, Monett, and Webb City dental offices offer an annual reduced fee plan that is designed to help you and your family obtain the quality dental services from Four States Dental Care you need at a discount. Because this is offered by the office itself, it is not an insurance plan.

This means you don’t have to file claims or pay an insurance company. We are not a licensed insurer, another underwriter of health services, or health maintenance organization. This plan can’t be combined with any additional discount, offer, insurance or advertisement.

In-House Benefit Program

Our In-House Benefit Program provides:

  • Two healthy cleanings
  • 1 bite wing x-ray
  • 2 dental exams
  • 20% off any other services

Our program is currently available for $259.00/year

Contact us for more information on this benefit program.

Payment Options, CareCredit

The cost of treatment will be dependent upon the severity of you dental issues. You can discuss fees and payment options before any of the procedures or treatments begin. We will develop payment plans that can accommodate your budget. We also accept assignment from most insurance plans and file the necessary papers to the insurance company. Our staff works very hard to make you care affordable and educate you on your insurance benefits.

To make your visit to our Neosho and Monet dentist office easier, we offer:

  • Affordable care
  • A clear understanding of your insurance coverage
  • Options to help relieve financial stress
  • Discounts on fees when payment is made is made in full at the beginning

If both the In-House Membership Benefit Program and out-of-pocket payment options are not feasible options for you, don’t worry!

We also accept CareCredit Financing in order to pay for your dental treatment. Ask us about it over the phone or in the office!

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice daily using good technique. Our skilled dental hygienists will be happy to review your technique with you and give you pointers to help you improve to get the most out of your home-care routine.

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