Dr. Kunkel and the Four States Dental Care office is proud to be the premier dental offices in Neosho and Monett that offer FASTBRACES©. FASTBRACES© is an orthodontic system that features brackets that upright the roots of the teeth with one square wire. This non-surgical treatment is known for its ability to give patients quick results.

Why FASTBRACES©? This innovative system takes teeth straightening to a new level. It is beneficial to qualifying patients – requiring minimal dental appointments, discreet aesthetics, and enhanced comfort.

Why are FASTBRACES© a faster option? Usually the crown of the tooth is moved first, followed by the root. Instead of this, FASTBRACES© treats the entire tooth from the first day by moving the crown and root sections at the same time which drastically shortens treatment time.

What is FASTBRACES©? FASTBRACES© utilize triangular brackets and a single wire. Triangular brackets create much more space between the brackets, which increases the flexibility of the wire.

Because of their unique shape, a 2-year treatment with traditional braces would typically produce results in one year with FASTBRACES©. Because FASTBRACES© can move both the crown and root of your tooth at the same time, treatment is much more efficient.

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